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If you thought Valentine’s Day was all about romance for couples or sobbing while gulping down ice cream for singles… Well, think again.

Valentine’s Day and the weeks leading up to it are massively popular for online casinos, lotteries, and day trading in various fields, including CFD trading and cryptocurrencies. Here, at ROI boutique, we see a significant increase in traffic, engagement and conversions during holidays in general and especially on Lovers’ Day. 


Probably because of the unescapable tradition of spending some extra money on jewelry, bouquets, heart-shaped chocolate boxes, and other expensive (or at least thoughtful) gifts. And most of us don’t have free money just lying around.

But that’s not all. 

We’ve researched this phenomenon for you, and found out 5 main reasons why online casinos and lotteries hit the jackpot on Valentine’s Day:

V Day is All About Living Up to Your Partner’s Expectations

Flowers and chocolate simply don’t cut it anymore. 

Men and women are frantically looking for the perfect gift for that special person in their lives: expensive stuff, extra grand gestures, and over-the-top surprises. 

Traffic to jewelry sites, for example, peaks on the days leading to Valentine’s Day. So there’s definitely to find a way to pay for it all. No one can afford to screw up on Valentine’s Day. It’s bad karma.

Just look at the graphs:

It’s Also a Holiday for Valentineless People

The stats are amazing: half of all Americans identify as singles, and 25% of those singles say they plan to do something for Valentine’s Day anyway. 

A single man will spend $71 on average during the holiday, and a single woman will spend $40. Singles perceive Valentine’s as a chance to celebrate by exceedingly spoiling themselves. They also enjoy buying gifts and special treats for friends, co-workers, and even their pets.

So your potential traders or lottery players looking to make a fast and easy buck on February 14th are not only coupled guys and girls who want to afford luxurious gifts. Singles want that easy buck too, even if it is to spend it on themselves 🙂

Pressure Can Be Motivating

Many single people feel like they’re facing heightened scrutiny of their relationship status on Valentine’s Day. And it’s not a warm, fuzzy feeling. 

One of the ways single people deal with this intense pressure is to show that, even if they “failed” at finding a life partner, they’re really good at making money. Hitting the gas on online casino, lottery sites and trading offers can pave the way to that brand new Maserati that will help everyone forget you sleep alone at night.

7 Days of Full-Power

Unlike Christmas, Thanksgiving, and birthdays – people don’t buy gifts for Valentine’s Day much in advance. They usually step up their money-making efforts only during the 7-14 days before February 14. Online lottery/casinos and trading in bitcoin or cryptocurrencies are considered the easiest ways to make a quick profit that’s also substantial.  Flashy banners that promise access to the world’s most profitable games are a major hook to help you fish those love-struck players.

Valentine’s + Lots of Alcohol = Game On!

Valentine’s day is a holiday like any other.

Love (or loneliness) is in the air, alcohol is usually involved, and just like on Christmas or Halloween – people just want to have fun, let go, loosen up, and go all in. 

So they shop, they play, they trade. That’s just part of the deal.

Online casinos and lottery websites are well aware of this mindset, and they run a lot of promotions and exclusive deals around and during Valentine’s Day.

Here are 2 of them just for you! 

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It’s the perfect time for you to reap the rewards as they keep coming!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

So let’s sum it all up:

Love is absolutely NOT a losing game. This lovey-dovey holiday presents a major opportunity for massive traffic increase on day-trading, online casinos, and lottery websites. 

Romance is a great way to boost sales, and February is a great month to look for love in the markets, casino tables, or special-holiday draws.

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