Traffic conversion leads to CPAs that lead to generating cash for our affiliates. But the best conversion rates cannot be achieved by coincidence or divine intervention (this would be too easy…). You must have an engaging funnel – tested and proven – that will walk through potential traffic towards the Holy Grail – HIGH CONVERSION RATES. Let’s take a look at ROI Kings’ top-performing funnels that can easily turn your traffic into cash!

Check out the countdown of our top 5 funnels:

#5STOP! Financial Revolution Ahead

This business-oriented article about the future of banking depicts a realistic financial revolution in the near future. It focuses on big banks’ adoption of crypto (that seems more likely than ever) by showing the legitimacy of digital coins and the lucrative opportunities it might bring to investors. The targeted traffic for this article is the business trading community that is constantly in search of crypto validation as a respectable mode of investment.

#4Lionel Messi Invests in Crypto

Following a great tradition of high-conversion celeb prelanders, this basic celeb article is very effective in converting traffic. The idea is simple – one of the top players in football history is also an avid bitcoin investor. This piece reveals Messi’s successful investments in crypto and urges the readers to hop on the crypto train – just like their favorite star. This article is very popular in Spain and the rest of Europe.   

Under the same sub-category of basic celeb prelanders, we also offer the Ashton Kutcher article, aimed at the Canadian and Australian crowd.

#3 – The Kings of Crypto

This fun-to-read crypto article, aimed at the Millennial crowd, presents the young and successful crypto leaders, who made cryptocurrencies so successful today. By telling their truly amazing stories of these young prodigies of the crypto community, conversion rates are booming, especially in tier 1 geos like Canada, Australia and Germany.

#2 – Covid-19 and the Rise of Bitcoin

This current zeitgeist article scans through four emerging markets – Mexico, Turkey, Brazil and South Africa – and suggests the connection between Covid-19 pandemic, the fall of Fiat currencies in these emerging markets and the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptos as a result. It depicts a great battle between Fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies as a match already won by crypto, thus converting top tier geos like Denmark, Finland and Germany.

#1 – FX Kings

FX Kings, our immersive pre-sale site, recently took the number one spot as our top-performing funnel. This newly launched website is full of converting Forex articles that attract the most lucrative traffic on the web. From psychological tips for day traders to social trading trends, this website has all the forex information a trader would possibly need. This is our top performer in tier 1 geos like the UK and Canada. With this pre-sale site, your conversion rates are about to hit gold. Ask your affiliate manager about FX Kings today for immediate conversion rates’ surge. 

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