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Traffic conversion leads to CPAs that lead to generating cash for our affiliates. But the best conversion rates cannot be achieved by coincidence or divine intervention (this would be too easy…). You must have an engaging funnel – tested and proven – that will walk through potential traffic towards the Holy Grail – HIGH CONVERSION RATES. Let’s take a look at ROI Kings’ top-performing funnels that can easily turn your traffic into cash!

Check out the countdown of our top 5 funnels:

#5STOP! Financial Revolution Ahead

This business-oriented article about the future of banking depicts a realistic financial revolution in the near future. It focuses on big banks’ adoption of crypto (that seems more likely than ever) by showing the legitimacy of digital coins and the lucrative opportunities it might bring to investors. The targeted traffic for this article is the business trading community that is constantly in search of crypto validation as a respectable mode of investment.

#4Lionel Messi Invests in Crypto

Following a great tradition of high-conversion celeb prelanders, this basic celeb article is very effective in converting traffic. The idea is simple – one of the top players in football history is also an avid bitcoin investor. This piece reveals Messi’s successful investments in crypto and urges the readers to hop on the crypto train – just like their favorite star. This article is very popular in Spain and the rest of Europe.   

Under the same sub-category of basic celeb prelanders, we also offer the Ashton Kutcher article, aimed at the Canadian and Australian crowd.

#3 – The Kings of Crypto

This fun-to-read crypto article, aimed at the Millennial crowd, presents the young and successful crypto leaders, who made cryptocurrencies so successful today. By telling their truly amazing stories of these young prodigies of the crypto community, conversion rates are booming, especially in tier 1 geos like Canada, Australia and Germany.

#2 – Covid-19 and the Rise of Bitcoin

This current zeitgeist article scans through four emerging markets – Mexico, Turkey, Brazil and South Africa – and suggests the connection between Covid-19 pandemic, the fall of Fiat currencies in these emerging markets and the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptos as a result. It depicts a great battle between Fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies as a match already won by crypto, thus converting top tier geos like Denmark, Finland and Germany.

#1 – FX Kings

FX Kings, our immersive pre-sale site, recently took the number one spot as our top-performing funnel. This newly launched website is full of converting Forex articles that attract the most lucrative traffic on the web. From psychological tips for day traders to social trading trends, this website has all the forex information a trader would possibly need. This is our top performer in tier 1 geos like the UK and Canada. With this pre-sale site, your conversion rates are about to hit gold. Ask your affiliate manager about FX Kings today for immediate conversion rates’ surge. 

All of ROI KINGS’ offers are tried and tested for years and localized for specific coveted geos. Time and again we’ve seen that the Crypto/CFD vertical is not only the most lucrative vertical but also the most popular amongst our affiliates. Want to know what’s our best crypto offer? Take a look below to find out which offers make our affiliates scream with joy.

Number 5

Who wants to be a Billionaire? Better question – who doesn’t? This exquisite landing page depicts an engaging video that lures potential customers to live it up like a true king. Its top performing geos are Germany and Poland (both tier 1 geos) with a 10-15% conversion rates for each territory. This offer is perfectly localized for Polish (there are 38M people in Poland!) and German speaking countries like Austria, Switzerland and…. Germany? This cryptocurrency trading offer can generate a $600-$1000 per CPA! Now that can buy you a boat ride on the Blue Danube!

Number 4

Bitcoin Evolution is the solution! And this top performing offer is especially powerful down under with 15-20% conversion rates in Australia and New Zealand. With this tested and proven offer (Localized to Aussie English), you can generate $600-$1000 CPA. Since both geos are tier 1 geos, if you bring in 100 FTDs in a single month, you earn an incredible $1000 CPA for each FTD you generate. So put on your sunnies, get a cold one (or a slab if you’re thirsty) and enjoy the whole shebang!

Number 3

The BitQT offer is highly popular in the UK and Ireland, but also very successful in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In the British Isles, conversion rates are between 18-22%, which is very high for the extremely desired UK geos. With a convenient profit calculator and easy sign up, a single CPA is in the range of $600-$1000 per FTD. If you bring in up to 100 FTDs in a single month, you get $1000 per FTD, and your earnings can reach $100K! This is truly a popular offer.

Number 2

We’re almost reached our number one offer, but don’t miss out on the lucrative number two! The Bitcoin Era offer is very strong in German speaking countries, but wow is it performing well in Nordic countries like Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, generating better-than-ever 22%-26% conversion rates. These potential customers can make you rich with a $600-$1000 CPA for every FTD. With this offer, our top affiliates are showered with Kronas!

And now… (drum roll)… Let’s see our top money-generating offer –

25% CR! The Financial Trader is an ultra-sleek offer, targeted at both newbies and more experienced traders. Top geos for this offer are Australia and the UK where it was successfully launched making our veteran affiliates utterly happy! But… This offer can work for other geos as well. The CPA for Financial Trader can be $600 if you bring only a few FTDs or $1000 if you bring in 100 FTDs in a single month! Want to try this offer in a specific geo? Talk to us! Want to localize it to another tier 1 geo? We’re on it! The Financial Trader  is the offer you’re looking for! We highly recommend it if you want to maximize your traffic’s ROI.

Reminder: Our most-lucrative offer is still on! Every affiliate that brings in up to 100 FTDs from tier 1 geos in a single month will receive $1000 CPA per FTD! Don’t miss this Quarantine Crazy promo!

Slowly but steadily, the rate for adoption of cryptocurrency (bitcoin, ripple, ethereum, litecoin, etc.) is growing around the world. 

In the beginning, many governments saw the crypto industry’s revolutionary decentralized approach as a threat. But even the toughest cookies among them are warming up to the idea of digital currencies and realize the massive value and potential that cryptocurrencies can bring to the table.

The popularity of cryptos in the affiliation space has never been so high, and we see more and more affiliates of all sizes maintaining crypto blogs, ads and exclusive offers. And if you haven’t included them in your activities, 2020 is your year.

But not all countries have adopted the crypto-craze equally. So, when choosing an audience for your crypto-promoting business, you must know where it’s hot and where it’s not.  

For your convenience, we’ve created this list of 5 GEOs all affiliates must focus on when working in the digital currency space:


In the past 3 years, the Land Down Under has emerged as a global crypto leader in almost every aspect.

It is one of the leading centers for the development of innovative blockchain technologies, cryptocurrency is considered there as a legit payment method, and the majority of adult Aussies own 1 or more e-coins. So it’s only natural they’ll be more inclined to invest in these virtual coins.

And it goes even further than that: The Australian Government actually encourages the use of cryptocurrency by removing the double taxation Australian citizens businesses pay for spending their cryptocurrency on goods and services. So, yeah… It actually pays to pay with crypto.

In February, the government published Australia’s national blockchain roadmap to becoming a global leader in this space. This 50-page document defines how blockchain technology could benefit the local economy over the next 5 years.


Surprisingly enough, the mega-conservative German nation is all about e-wallets and cryptos.

Last year the German Government passed a law that basically made it the leader of cryptocurrencies. This new law allows German banks to directly sell and store cryptocurrencies for their clients as of 2020. Ever since this law kicked into gear, Germany became a ‘crypto heaven,’ empowering people to buy, sell, and safely keep their bitcoins in traditional banks such as Deutsche Bank.

Last month, the country’s second-largest exchange, Boerse Stuttgart, added a new bitcoin trading product (ETP) for institutional and retail traders. In short, it means businesses will be able to short bitcoin – making it the first bank-operated crypto-trading product available in the world.

When an economic force such as Germany passes such a law, it leads the way for other countries to follow. Deutschland’s message is clear: cryptocurrencies should be embraced. 

Many crypto experts believe that with pro-crypto attitude, Germany is well on its way to attract many crypto projects from around the globe. And the German people are just the users you should target.


Spain is one of Europe’s most progressive crypto hotspots on many levels. 

In a survey conducted by the Dutch banking giant ING, 10% of the surveyed Spaniards reported holding cryptocurrency – much more than countries like France and the UK. 

Crypto pay is on a ‘fiesta mode’ across Spain. A new restaurant in Vigo called Bitcoin Rock Café is the world’s first culinary establishment to fully finance itself by tokening its share on the blockchain. This means that you can pay for your burger (their signature dish) with a choice of 2,000 different e-coins. 

Even the epic football club FC Barcelona recently announced a new partnership with blockchain platform Chiliz, so that fans will be able to use digital currency to earn voting rights and rewards.

The Spanish government is not lagging behind either: the parliament has approved a fintech sandbox plan that will allow blockchain and cryptocurrency-related companies to make use of a controlled testbed before releasing their products on the market. This revolution was initiated after several experts found that blockchain technology encourages growth in other sectors like education, finance, and health.


You may not know this, but Italy is the home of many large cryptocurrency mining companies. They pride themselves in one of the best-developed blockchain industries in the world, and the Italian government has a very forward-looking attitude to this entire industry. 

Italy is the first country in Europe that has actually established blockchain in its legislation, making notary deeds and blockchain deeds equal. That’s ground-breaking for a country that is usually considered behind in all-things-technology. 

The government has also implemented a €1 billion ‘innovation fund’ to complete the digitization of Italy, with a heavy emphasis on supporting cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Also, don’t forget that Italy is located right between 2 of the biggest ‘early-adopter’ crypto-hubs in Europe – Malta, and Switzerland. 

All these factors make Italians a very enthusiastic crypto-investing nation and save affiliates the long process of ‘educating’ users about the opportunities that lie ahead.

[Full disclosure: the following refers to the state of affairs in Italy before coronavirus put the country into lockdown]. 


We sure have saved the best for last!

Are you seriously looking for the best environment to start your blockchain-related business? Well then, Denmark is, hands-down, your go-to GEO. Not only is it one of the best countries to live in in the 21st century, but it’s also a global leader in all crypto and blockchain matters. 

There is a highly attractive 0% tax on cryptocurrencies throughout the country, and there is no official regulatory framework for crypto – so you can practically buy, sell, and invest in crypto without any restrictions or ‘catches.’

This regulatory vacuum also makes Denmark a wonderful place for crypto-businesses to thrive in. 

But that’s not all!

Like other eco-friendly Nordic nations, Denmark’s dream is to become a cashless country, and the government pushes towards innovative payment methods year after year. We won’t be surprised if Denmark will soon become the first nation that uses crypto as its main currency.

Now Choose the Audience GEO for Your Next Crypto Campaign

There you have it: The 5 leading countries to promote cryptocurrency investments in.

The population of these GEOs is ‘crypto-educated,’ the regulation is flexible, and your revenue potential is HUGE. We know because we saw it first-hand with our ROI Kings partners.

Now it’s your turn to plan your next crypto campaign.

It is super important that you adapt your messaging per GEO and research which coin is popular in each region.

Our ROI specialists are here to help you with any questions you may have regarding promoting crypto trading to Australia, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Denmark.

Contact us today, and let’s get your crypto traffic into a powerful income!

Online lotteries are booming, and now’s the perfect time to tap into this trend and capitalize on the massive traffic it generates. Here’s everything you need to know about picking your “better half” in this business, AKA the perfect affiliate program.

Navigating your way through the lucrative waters of the lotto affiliate race? Let’s get one thing straight – selecting the right affiliate program within this profitable niche is crucial in determining your success. Here are the top must-haves and flashing warning signs that will help you pick the best lottery affiliate program to partner with.

Bottom Line First – Commissions

Now, this is kind of self-explanatory, but there’s a lot of variants to consider. 

Let’s keep it real – online lottery is a hot commodity: loads of players, crazy conversion rates, super rewarding, They’re in it to win it, and boy – can you win BIG!

So are you ready?

Now let’s focus on the parameter you need to consider when choosing your lottery affiliate program: 

  • Are there any fees for joining the program? 
  • What’s the threshold for withdrawal? 
  • Can you choose between Revenue Share and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)?
  • Can you choose tailor-made Hybrid Payment Options? 
  • What are the commission rates? 

Our tip: make sure it’s somewhere between 10-20% for Revenue Share or at least $15 for CPA.

  • What’s the payment frequency (weekly, monthly, quarterly)?
  • What are the payment methods (bank account, PayPal, Western Union, other)?
  • What’s the chargeback policy? 
  • Are there any hidden fees?

Checkmark on all of the above?

Well then…

Scoop the Scope 

I know what y’all are thinking…

It’s true – when you’re living high on that affiliate commish – life is pretty loose.

But in order to get there, you must set some ground rules.

Rule #1: Your affiliate program of choice must offer players a double-digit variety of popular international lotteries with sizable jackpots at pocket-friendly prices. 

Rule #2: Opt for programs that also feature different game options such as combos and the massively popular syndicates. 

Rule #3: Know who you’re partnering with, Just like with any other product you choose to promote, researching, and fully understanding the program you’ve selected is a must. 

Conversion is King

All smart affiliates know this: The conversion rate factor is WAY more important than the commission percentage. It makes a lot of sense; you won’t get to indulge on those fat commissions unless the product you’re selling converts, right? 

Your lottery program of choice must show a high lifetime value per player. In fact, one of the great perks of online lottery is that players are exceptionally loyal. Once they join and feel happy with the service provided, they’ll continue buying online tickets again and again and again – for a very long time. 

So, define your specific audience and then dive into the data of various affiliate programs to find those that will best convert in your niche. 

Gear Me Up

Top-notch marketing tools are key for boosting those coveted conversions and constantly impressing your leads. A great lottery affiliate program equips you with a high-quality pool of promotion resources that will draw your crowd’s interest: 

  • Smart widgets
  • Banners
  • Coupons
  • Bonuses
  • Email leads
  • Pop-ups
  • Video ads

you get the idea…

But it doesn’t end there. These tools must be accessible, user-friendly, multi-lingual, and fully customizable. The goal is to make sure that launching your next campaign is a quick and hassle-free task. So you can keep them players playing. 

Customer support is also a major factor in this context. Find the program that’ll team you up with an account manager that takes care of all your needs and even provides marketing materials tailor-made to your audience. 

Dive into the Metrics

Your affiliate journey is an endless optimization process. 

But that doesn’t mean you should actually break a sweat. Hell, no!

A stand-out lottery affiliate program provides you with in-depth statistics, usually through a control panel that enables you to check different performance metrics like sales, traffic, referred users, fees, and more – all in real-time. 

Obtaining this data makes you agile by allowing you to quickly and easily adjust your marketing strategy.  

Are You Ready to Make Your Choice?

Now that you’re clear about the focus areas for picking an online lottery affiliate program, it’s only natural that ROIKings should be your first choice.

By bringing affiliates and advertisers from around the world together, we pave your way from converting traffic into profits. 

We offer the highest CPA in the industry, high-converting campaigns that will optimize your performance and maximize your ROI. And our 20,000+ affiliates that will attest to that! 

You really don’t have to win the lottery to make money from it. So put the pedal to the metal and hop on the lottery affiliate train! 

If you thought Valentine’s Day was all about romance for couples or sobbing while gulping down ice cream for singles… Well, think again.

Valentine’s Day and the weeks leading up to it are massively popular for online casinos, lotteries, and day trading in various fields, including CFD trading and cryptocurrencies. Here, at ROI boutique, we see a significant increase in traffic, engagement and conversions during holidays in general and especially on Lovers’ Day. 


Probably because of the unescapable tradition of spending some extra money on jewelry, bouquets, heart-shaped chocolate boxes, and other expensive (or at least thoughtful) gifts. And most of us don’t have free money just lying around.

But that’s not all. 

We’ve researched this phenomenon for you, and found out 5 main reasons why online casinos and lotteries hit the jackpot on Valentine’s Day:

V Day is All About Living Up to Your Partner’s Expectations

Flowers and chocolate simply don’t cut it anymore. 

Men and women are frantically looking for the perfect gift for that special person in their lives: expensive stuff, extra grand gestures, and over-the-top surprises. 

Traffic to jewelry sites, for example, peaks on the days leading to Valentine’s Day. So there’s definitely to find a way to pay for it all. No one can afford to screw up on Valentine’s Day. It’s bad karma.

Just look at the graphs:

It’s Also a Holiday for Valentineless People

The stats are amazing: half of all Americans identify as singles, and 25% of those singles say they plan to do something for Valentine’s Day anyway. 

A single man will spend $71 on average during the holiday, and a single woman will spend $40. Singles perceive Valentine’s as a chance to celebrate by exceedingly spoiling themselves. They also enjoy buying gifts and special treats for friends, co-workers, and even their pets.

So your potential traders or lottery players looking to make a fast and easy buck on February 14th are not only coupled guys and girls who want to afford luxurious gifts. Singles want that easy buck too, even if it is to spend it on themselves 🙂

Pressure Can Be Motivating

Many single people feel like they’re facing heightened scrutiny of their relationship status on Valentine’s Day. And it’s not a warm, fuzzy feeling. 

One of the ways single people deal with this intense pressure is to show that, even if they “failed” at finding a life partner, they’re really good at making money. Hitting the gas on online casino, lottery sites and trading offers can pave the way to that brand new Maserati that will help everyone forget you sleep alone at night.

7 Days of Full-Power

Unlike Christmas, Thanksgiving, and birthdays – people don’t buy gifts for Valentine’s Day much in advance. They usually step up their money-making efforts only during the 7-14 days before February 14. Online lottery/casinos and trading in bitcoin or cryptocurrencies are considered the easiest ways to make a quick profit that’s also substantial.  Flashy banners that promise access to the world’s most profitable games are a major hook to help you fish those love-struck players.

Valentine’s + Lots of Alcohol = Game On!

Valentine’s day is a holiday like any other.

Love (or loneliness) is in the air, alcohol is usually involved, and just like on Christmas or Halloween – people just want to have fun, let go, loosen up, and go all in. 

So they shop, they play, they trade. That’s just part of the deal.

Online casinos and lottery websites are well aware of this mindset, and they run a lot of promotions and exclusive deals around and during Valentine’s Day.

Here are 2 of them just for you! 

Are you already one of our affiliates? We want to spread the love! Click here for an awesome offer (#1744) or a Cryptocurrency offer (#48) and receive a whopping 200% CPA!

Not an affiliate? Register with us with a few simple steps, and you’re in on all the best offers you can dream of.

It’s the perfect time for you to reap the rewards as they keep coming!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

So let’s sum it all up:

Love is absolutely NOT a losing game. This lovey-dovey holiday presents a major opportunity for massive traffic increase on day-trading, online casinos, and lottery websites. 

Romance is a great way to boost sales, and February is a great month to look for love in the markets, casino tables, or special-holiday draws.

Nothing is sure but death and taxes. 

Everyone knows that, right?
Well, we can add one more certainty: affiliate marketing.

2019 was an AMAZING year for affiliate marketing. After years of making businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires, no brand is left outside the affiliate marketing space—even those that were highly skeptical about it now have affiliate marketing deeply incorporated into their marketing strategy. 

Companies realize today that affiliate marketing is more budget-friendly and ROI-beneficial than any other marketing channel. And the fact that they only have to spend money when they make money makes it a clear win-win situation. 

So it’s been proven: affiliate marketing is here to stay. 

This huge industry creates income for thousands of website owners, drives sales for advertisers of all sizes, and keeps growing at a steady pace with no end in sight. 

Once and once again, it has shown that anything can be monetized

Let’s take a look at some numbers: 

Currently, 81% of brands worldwide participate in affiliate marketing to some degree, generating 16% of all eCommerce sales in the USA and Canada. 

It’s been growing at nearly 10% each year and is on pace to become a 6.8 billion dollar industry during 2020 in the USA alone. 

Not half bad, is it?

So how did we get this far?

When it comes to the CFD trading industry, it is no secret that affiliation has become the main marketing strategy of most online brokers. 

Neil Patel, SEO genius and a mega affiliate, has stated that “Affiliate marketing is an excellent opportunity if you truly believe in the value of the product you’re selling. Because many times, you can make money off of something you would probably recommend anyway.”

CFD affiliates today enjoy personal account management, better performance tracking, state-of-the-art marketing tools, and super-competitive commission plans.

Another perfect industry for affiliation activities is the lottery and casino space. With rising sums of jackpot money (up to 1.6 billion dollars), the commissions you can earn are always on the uptrend, and the payouts are permanent. Each company owns multiple brands, allowing you to maximize your traffic monetization potential.

Here’s a super-brief history of affiliate marketing 

  • The informal “founding father” of affiliation is William J. Tobin. 

His small company PC Flowers & Gifts sold bouquets online since 1989, mainly through an affiliate program. By 1991 it had driven over $6m in sales, and by 1998 it had almost 3,000 affiliate-marketing partners.

1991 was the finest hour for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Or, in the words of Tobin himself: “If you are going to make it, you’re going to have to make it on your own, as the entrepreneur of your life.”

  • Enter: Amazon. The Amazon Associates system was launched in 1996 and basically allowed people to sign up, showcase Amazon links on their website or blogs, and get paid a small commission for each referral. This became the model for many affiliate networks that followed.
  • In 1998, students from California founded Commission Junction (now CJ Affiliate), the first (and biggest) affiliate marketing provider. It allowed smaller companies unrelated to Amazon to join the affiliate marketing game. 

1998 was also the year when Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads were born, enabling people to bid for higher placement on search engine results pages (SERP). 

  • In 2002 Google introduced AdWords and became the most popular advertising platform for affiliates. 

This brings us up to speed to today, where affiliates have managed to outlive the lifetime of other much more well-known ad channels.

Today, affiliate marketing opportunities appear in almost every market out there, especially in the lucrative CFD trading industry, casino, and lottery—where affiliates enjoy higher CPAs and longer customer lifetime value.

Making it big in the affiliate marketing sphere doesn’t require hard work, and it can pay off BIG TIME. There are hundreds of success stories to back it up.

Affiliates Who Made It BIG

History is full of stories about regular people who spotted the right affiliate marketing niche and made huge sums of money. 

Here are 3 examples: 

Brian Kelly 

You’ve probably heard about The Points Guy one way or the other. He turned his obsession with flying premium for points into a full-time gig, earning him millions of greenbacks. 

From a small blog where he shared his wisdom about the best credit cards to collect miles, Brian has built a mega-successful lifestyle website, attracting over 4 million monthly uniques (he gets $50-$400 per credit card a user signs up for). 

While he keeps traveling the world in the most extravagant first-class flights, Brian’s main source of income stays the same—affiliate commissions. 

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner 

Michelle created the blog Making Sense of Cents to pay off her $38,000 student loan debt when she was only 22. Low and behold—the debt was gone in just 7 months. 

Schroeder-Gardner is now making a staggering average of $159,000 per month off her personal finance, which initially started as a side project.

Adam Freedman

After multiple failing online ventures, Adam Freedman founded the geeky online magazine This Is Why I’m Broke (TIWIB) in 2011. He was just looking to share his curated list of cool random stuff he found on Amazon, but it didn’t remain a side hobby for long. 

Fast-forward: Freeman is now an Amazon super affiliate earning +$20,000 a month and overseeing 3 other geeks that work for him. The formula: great interface, cool stuff, images, and a mega-short description. That’s it!

Making it big in affiliation today is all about perseverance and keeping up with the ever-changing trends.

So, as 2020 begins, the most important question you should ask yourself is:

What Trends Will Dominate Affiliate Marketing in 2020

A Shift from Retail to Online Services

The subscription economy has conquered the world, paving the way for streaming companies (music, entertainment, etc.), online trading brokers, lotteries, and casinos to thrive. 

Recent studies have confirmed that subscription businesses grew revenues about 5 times faster than S&P 500 company revenues. This means that affiliates who focus on online-based service providers will enjoy the lion’s share of the revenue pool.

While most casino and lottery affiliates are not keen to release their data, it is well known that the big ones make approximately $100,000 per month in revenues. 

Moreover, we’ve heard through the grapevine about a one-man affiliate who ranked just about all the lucrative keywords in Google and earned $500,000 per month.

DATA is King

Analytics and tracking technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and companies can study the metrics better to determine if their affiliate strategies are actually working.

Follow the graphs, analyze your stats, and draw smart conclusions. It’s the best way to grow your business month after month. 

Voice Search Changes the Game

According to forecasts, over 55% of households will own a smart speaker device by the year 2022. Voice-activated searches via mobile devices and smartwatches are also on the rise. This trend means that the content and SEO strategy should now be optimized to voice search, aiming to follow natural speech patterns instead of written ones.

Make sure you write as you speak: short sentences, talkative tone, and (always) to the point.

Influencers Will Keep Influencing

Influencer marketing has done nothing but grow in recent years, and it will only get stronger. 

So the smart thing for you to do would be to ramp up their influencer game and focus on their social media following. 

To win today’s most significant economic force—millennials—micro-influencers should be your strategy of choice. The latest data ‎shows that millennials relate to ‎reviews by influencers conveying expertise in the product they’re promoting much more than ‎traditional celebrity endorsements.

Go Native

Banner ads and other traditional means of advertising don’t cut it anymore. The more organic native ads are usually based on high-quality content, which is much more effective as it engages the reader and has value in and out of itself.

Plus, it’s much more trustworthy than a flashy popup that screams: BUY NOW!

The Next Frontier: Mobile-First

In 2019 over 63.4% of people used their phones to access the internet. 

The next step for mobile apps (after paid apps and monetization through in-app purchases) will be generating ad sales with unique content. This means there’s going to be a serious need for marketing that’s mobile responsive (AKA mobile-friendly) or content explicitly designed for use on mobile platforms.

Think about nice on-the-go interactions like quizzes, questionnaires, calculators, etc.

So we’ve concluded that affiliate marketing is the driving force that helps brands grow while empowering people of all walks of life to gain financial freedom, and sometimes earn substantial wealth.

What are you waiting for? Gear up and make 2020 your affiliate marketing breakthrough year!

Attending Affiliate World Asia convention in Bangkok, this December? We have all the Do’s, Don’ts and awesome partying tips you need, including how to spot (and where to find…) those elusive ladyboys! Have fun and see you there!

Affiliate World 2019 is just around the corner (4-5/12), and we couldn’t be more excited to see you all there.

Not only will you get to meet the world’s leading marketers and eCommerce experts, but you will also be visiting Bangkok—by far, one of the most ‘happening’ cities for just about everything.

So we bet you already marked your Google Map with all the famous tourist attractions, transportation tips, and obvious information you picked up from friends and blogs.

Trust us! This is not the best way to experience ‘The Land of Smiles’ (more on that below). Thankfully, you’ve got us to brief you in on all the hidden gems, unique tips on how to have fun, what’s best to avoid, and where to find a ladyboy (we’ve got the full list for you).

Ready for the time of your life? 

First, let’s go over a few ground rules. 

Your Basic Survival Kit: Top Do’s and Don’ts


Learn some essential words and phrases in Thai: like ‘hello’ (Swadi Krab if you’re a man, Swadi ka if you’re a woman), ‘thank you’ (Koopkhun ka), and, if it comes to that, I love you (Phom rak khun if you’re a man, Chan rak khun if you’re a woman).

Smile a lot: Thailand is famously known as the ‘Land of Smiles.’ And for a reason. The more you smile, the more people (especially the ladies) will be friendly and helpful.

Try street food, but choose it wisely: Thailand is the world’s street food empire. The street food in this country is really so, so good. But! When you hit the street on the lookout for some serious grub, use all the senses God gave you. Look, smell, touch to see if anything might be off… Even though it’s the land of smiles, the smile on the Phad Thai guy on the corner doesn’t necessarily mean he’s keeping his business clean.

Take your shoes off when you enter Thai homes: feet and shoes are considered dirty in Thailand. The way they see it if your shoes stay outside—the dirt stays outside.


Don’t touch people’s heads: In Thailand, the head is seen as the most sacred part of the human body. When you touch people’s heads or hair, you basically suggest they are lower than you and embarrass them tremendously.

Don’t insult the monarchy: No one—both locals and foreigners—is allowed to criticize the royal family in any way. This is the law but also the culture. Respect the Thais and avoid saying anything negative about their monarchs.

Don’t sunbathe nude: We know it’s super tempting. But keep them trunks on. Most likely, nobody will say anything if you do, but you should know this is highly offensive to most Thai people.

Don’t drive a motorcycle: It looks like everyone in Bangkok is driving a motorcycle, and yet—if you wanna stay safe, don’t get near them. The roads are crazy, drivers are c-r-a-z-y, and the country is ranked at #2 on death per capita in traffic accidents. Let’s keep the vacation on the fun side of things, ok?

Don’t visit Khao San Road: Well, you can, but only if you’re really into buckets of Red Bull, banging music, and greasy street food. We’re not judging—Hell, we love to binge drink and party like the next guy—but there are better places to do it: Less touristic, with fewer college kids puking around you. So why not party in style? Scroll down this guide, and you’ll find a wonderful alternative, just a stone’s throw away from Khao San.

Now that you know the rules let’s dive in!

December Events in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the hottest cities in the world, and the humidity is beyond anything you can imagine. But you’re in luck! December is probably the best time to visit Bangkok, as it is much cooler and way more comfortable.

Here are the coolest local events taking place in December:

December 5 – the birthday of HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej

Where: all over town

This day is a public holiday in Thailand. You’ll see all kinds of tributes to the late monarch, special events, and firework displays. The locals usually pay tribute to the King by biking and racing. This is the perfect day to rent one, strap on a helmet, and go for a spin around the Chitralada Palace area

Important! There might be some restrictions on alcohol sales.  

December 1-10: Suan Luang Rama IX Flowers Festival

Where: Suanluang Rama 9 Public Park

Thailand has some of the world’s most breathtaking flower festivals. And the SLR festival is, by far, one of the most beautiful. Grab a beer, walk over to the park, and step inside a trippy ride of colors and scents. You’ll get to see flowers you’ve never even knew existed, art exhibitions, and Thai cultural performances.

This is, by far, one of the most beautiful flower festivals.
December 31 – January 1: New Years Eve in Bangkok

Why not stay a bit longer and experience the craziest New Years’ Eve you ever had?

Thailand is buzzing with parties and activities that you won’t want to miss, Here are the top options:

  • Countdown @ Central world Bangkok
  • Vertigo and Moon Bar @ Night Bazaar
  • The Sky Bar Rooftop @ Lebua Hotel
  • The Bangkok Countdown Pub
  • Street Party @ Khao San Road
  • NYE Cruise On the Chao Phraya River
  • Clubbing @ Royal Street Avenue

Sa was dee pee mai! Happy new year!

The Ultimate List of Things to See and Do:

Join the CLUB (Scene)!.

Here are the top bars and clubs Bangkok has to offer:

Onyx Bangkok Nightclub 

The city’s No. 1 club. As soon as you enter the big space, you are reminded of the huge clubs of Ibiza, Berlin and Seoul. The DJs play EDM and commercial house music on an almost weekly basis. World-renowned DJs play there; Freddie Le Grand, Dutch duo Showtek, and The Chainsmokers, to name a few. Be prepared for dry ice cannons, confetti bombs, and the best laser show in the city.

Where: Royal City Avenue, 9 Bang Kapi, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310


This club lives up to its name. I-n-s-a-n-e! An enormous hanger-style space with 14-meter-high ceilings, a retractable halo-lighting system, and a pure-quality sound that delivers heavy bass. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see one of their outstanding dance shows of seductive podium dancers. It’s like stepping inside a club in Vegas, Tokyo, or Ibiza (but much cheaper).

Where: Sukhumvit Soi 11, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana

Maggie Choo

If speak-easy is your thing, this is your hang. The basement of the Novotel Fenix in Silom looks like a scene from an old movie, with stone sculptures, brick walls, heavy steel doors, leather, velvet sofas, old paintings, and dimmed lights. It’s posh and cool at the same time, with hourly live sessions by local musicians, from hip-hop to jazz and blues.

Where: Fenix Silom Bangkok Hotel, 320 Silom Rd.

Spend an Evening in Nana Plaza (Soi 4)

Probably the largest adult playground in the world. If you’re a fan of gogo, it’s a must! If you never tried, it’s also a must! We recommend starting with a drink and seeing where the night leads. Look around, absorb the vibes, and stay open for everything. And we mean everything.

And if you’re in an extra adventurous mood…

Is it a lady? Is it a boy? It’s both (and we love it!)

Here are a few tips on how to spot a Ladyboy (or as the locals call these magnificent beings, Kathoey):

  • They’re usually much taller than the average Thai woman 
  • They’re exaggeratedly feminine and ladylike
  • Their voice is deeper and more nasal-sounding
  • They possess flamboyant verbal expression

And, hey, you can also always ask them directly. Ladyboys usually have no problem whatsoever admitting that they are such.

You feelin’ ready?

The top bars to hook up with a ladyboy:

  • Obsession (Nana Plaza – Ground Floor)
  • King’s Castle III (87, ซอย Thanon Patpong 1, Suriya Wong, Bang Rak)
  • Cockatoo (Soi Cowboy, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Sukhumvit)
  • Cascade Ladyboy Ba (Nana Plaza – Third Floor)
  • King’s Corner (3, ซอย Thanon Patpong 1, Suriya Wong, Bang Rak)

Greater Banglamphu: The Khao San’s Sane Alternative

Ready to take it down a notch? Just a short walk from the Khao San strip, the scene becomes much more manageable and quiet. Just walk over to Rambuttri Road, and suddenly you’ll be able to walk around without people trying to sell you henna tattoos, fish massages, or rides to ping pong shows. It’s much trendier and way less hectic.

Explore the Hipster Side of Bangkok

The New Ratchada Rot Fai Train Market 

The new extension to the famous Ratchada Rot Fai Train Market is one of the coolest night markets in town. Expect to find hipster jewelry, lifestyle goods, artsy-fartsy vendors, and some really fantastic bars.  

Experience the Airplane Graveyard

Yes. It’s the place where aircraft go to die. Bangkok has a graveyard for abandoned airplanes near Ramkamhaeng Station. This is a vast, open wasteland in the suburbs of Bangkok that is now home to an assortment of deteriorating aircraft. A perfect spot to take some totally surreal photos.

Where: Ramkhamhaeng Alley 103, Hua Mak, Bang Kapi District

Get Some Rubber Action at the Condom Museum

Yes, this place actually exists, and it’s covered with condoms. Why? Well, there’s a negative perspective on condom usage in Thailand (so use it if it comes to that), and this place aspires to raise attention for hygiene and protection. On display, you’ll find sizes, colors, and flavors of every spectrum. Even more interesting are the strength and endurance testing rooms, where staff will show you just how far a condom can stretch (spoiler: very far). Besides the endless collection of condoms, you will also find some penis pumps, lubricants, rulers, and more. To each his own…

Where: Ministry of Public Health, Building 9, Department of Medical Sciences, Din Daeng

Go Surfing at the Flow House

Surfs on! Take your Bangkok holiday to a whole new level of awesome, in a place that very few people know about. At the Flow House, you basically surf on a static wave, which means endless laughs while you try to balance between all the falls. You don’t have to be a surf expert to enjoy it.

Where: 120/1, Soi Sukhumvit 26, Sukhumvit Road

Spend 1 Night in Prison

We don’t know about your bucket list, but ours include getting thrown in jail at least once. Too good to go to jail? Now you can experience the next best thing.

Sook Station is a jail-themed hostel that offers the full experience: striped PJs, a mug shot, bars, bunk beds, and plenty of soap to be dropped in the shower. Don’t expect luxurious bedding and glamorous service. 

Don’t worry, you’re free to walk when the stay ends.

Where: 45-49 Soi Sukhumvit 101/2, Sukhumvit Road, Bangna

Now Let the Good Thai Roll!

“How I love Bangkok! It’s so teeming with everything that should be forbidden.”
– John Dolan

The way we see it, all the above tips are exactly what you need for a perfect taste of Thailand’s capital. Whether you’re in town for just a couple of days or staying longer to enjoy a full Thai vacation, take your mind off work for a few days and have all the fun that you can possibly imagine in this amazing city.

Yin di ton rap su phrathetthai! Welcome to Thailand!

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