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All of ROI KINGS’ offers are tried and tested for years and localized for specific coveted geos. Time and again we’ve seen that the Crypto/CFD vertical is not only the most lucrative vertical but also the most popular amongst our affiliates. Want to know what’s our best crypto offer? Take a look below to find out which offers make our affiliates scream with joy.

Number 5

Who wants to be a Billionaire? Better question – who doesn’t? This exquisite landing page depicts an engaging video that lures potential customers to live it up like a true king. Its top performing geos are Germany and Poland (both tier 1 geos) with a 10-15% conversion rates for each territory. This offer is perfectly localized for Polish (there are 38M people in Poland!) and German speaking countries like Austria, Switzerland and…. Germany? This cryptocurrency trading offer can generate a $600-$1000 per CPA! Now that can buy you a boat ride on the Blue Danube!

Number 4

Bitcoin Evolution is the solution! And this top performing offer is especially powerful down under with 15-20% conversion rates in Australia and New Zealand. With this tested and proven offer (Localized to Aussie English), you can generate $600-$1000 CPA. Since both geos are tier 1 geos, if you bring in 100 FTDs in a single month, you earn an incredible $1000 CPA for each FTD you generate. So put on your sunnies, get a cold one (or a slab if you’re thirsty) and enjoy the whole shebang!

Number 3

The BitQT offer is highly popular in the UK and Ireland, but also very successful in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In the British Isles, conversion rates are between 18-22%, which is very high for the extremely desired UK geos. With a convenient profit calculator and easy sign up, a single CPA is in the range of $600-$1000 per FTD. If you bring in up to 100 FTDs in a single month, you get $1000 per FTD, and your earnings can reach $100K! This is truly a popular offer.

Number 2

We’re almost reached our number one offer, but don’t miss out on the lucrative number two! The Bitcoin Era offer is very strong in German speaking countries, but wow is it performing well in Nordic countries like Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, generating better-than-ever 22%-26% conversion rates. These potential customers can make you rich with a $600-$1000 CPA for every FTD. With this offer, our top affiliates are showered with Kronas!

And now… (drum roll)… Let’s see our top money-generating offer –

25% CR! The Financial Trader is an ultra-sleek offer, targeted at both newbies and more experienced traders. Top geos for this offer are Australia and the UK where it was successfully launched making our veteran affiliates utterly happy! But… This offer can work for other geos as well. The CPA for Financial Trader can be $600 if you bring only a few FTDs or $1000 if you bring in 100 FTDs in a single month! Want to try this offer in a specific geo? Talk to us! Want to localize it to another tier 1 geo? We’re on it! The Financial Trader  is the offer you’re looking for! We highly recommend it if you want to maximize your traffic’s ROI.

Reminder: Our most-lucrative offer is still on! Every affiliate that brings in up to 100 FTDs from tier 1 geos in a single month will receive $1000 CPA per FTD! Don’t miss this Quarantine Crazy promo!

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