5 Up-and-Coming GEOs All Crypto Affiliates Must Focus on in 2020

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Slowly but steadily, the rate for adoption of cryptocurrency (bitcoin, ripple, ethereum, litecoin, etc.) is growing around the world. 

In the beginning, many governments saw the crypto industry’s revolutionary decentralized approach as a threat. But even the toughest cookies among them are warming up to the idea of digital currencies and realize the massive value and potential that cryptocurrencies can bring to the table.

The popularity of cryptos in the affiliation space has never been so high, and we see more and more affiliates of all sizes maintaining crypto blogs, ads and exclusive offers. And if you haven’t included them in your activities, 2020 is your year.

But not all countries have adopted the crypto-craze equally. So, when choosing an audience for your crypto-promoting business, you must know where it’s hot and where it’s not.  

For your convenience, we’ve created this list of 5 GEOs all affiliates must focus on when working in the digital currency space:


In the past 3 years, the Land Down Under has emerged as a global crypto leader in almost every aspect.

It is one of the leading centers for the development of innovative blockchain technologies, cryptocurrency is considered there as a legit payment method, and the majority of adult Aussies own 1 or more e-coins. So it’s only natural they’ll be more inclined to invest in these virtual coins.

And it goes even further than that: The Australian Government actually encourages the use of cryptocurrency by removing the double taxation Australian citizens businesses pay for spending their cryptocurrency on goods and services. So, yeah… It actually pays to pay with crypto.

In February, the government published Australia’s national blockchain roadmap to becoming a global leader in this space. This 50-page document defines how blockchain technology could benefit the local economy over the next 5 years.


Surprisingly enough, the mega-conservative German nation is all about e-wallets and cryptos.

Last year the German Government passed a law that basically made it the leader of cryptocurrencies. This new law allows German banks to directly sell and store cryptocurrencies for their clients as of 2020. Ever since this law kicked into gear, Germany became a ‘crypto heaven,’ empowering people to buy, sell, and safely keep their bitcoins in traditional banks such as Deutsche Bank.

Last month, the country’s second-largest exchange, Boerse Stuttgart, added a new bitcoin trading product (ETP) for institutional and retail traders. In short, it means businesses will be able to short bitcoin – making it the first bank-operated crypto-trading product available in the world.

When an economic force such as Germany passes such a law, it leads the way for other countries to follow. Deutschland’s message is clear: cryptocurrencies should be embraced. 

Many crypto experts believe that with pro-crypto attitude, Germany is well on its way to attract many crypto projects from around the globe. And the German people are just the users you should target.


Spain is one of Europe’s most progressive crypto hotspots on many levels. 

In a survey conducted by the Dutch banking giant ING, 10% of the surveyed Spaniards reported holding cryptocurrency – much more than countries like France and the UK. 

Crypto pay is on a ‘fiesta mode’ across Spain. A new restaurant in Vigo called Bitcoin Rock Café is the world’s first culinary establishment to fully finance itself by tokening its share on the blockchain. This means that you can pay for your burger (their signature dish) with a choice of 2,000 different e-coins. 

Even the epic football club FC Barcelona recently announced a new partnership with blockchain platform Chiliz, so that fans will be able to use digital currency to earn voting rights and rewards.

The Spanish government is not lagging behind either: the parliament has approved a fintech sandbox plan that will allow blockchain and cryptocurrency-related companies to make use of a controlled testbed before releasing their products on the market. This revolution was initiated after several experts found that blockchain technology encourages growth in other sectors like education, finance, and health.


You may not know this, but Italy is the home of many large cryptocurrency mining companies. They pride themselves in one of the best-developed blockchain industries in the world, and the Italian government has a very forward-looking attitude to this entire industry. 

Italy is the first country in Europe that has actually established blockchain in its legislation, making notary deeds and blockchain deeds equal. That’s ground-breaking for a country that is usually considered behind in all-things-technology. 

The government has also implemented a €1 billion ‘innovation fund’ to complete the digitization of Italy, with a heavy emphasis on supporting cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Also, don’t forget that Italy is located right between 2 of the biggest ‘early-adopter’ crypto-hubs in Europe – Malta, and Switzerland. 

All these factors make Italians a very enthusiastic crypto-investing nation and save affiliates the long process of ‘educating’ users about the opportunities that lie ahead.

[Full disclosure: the following refers to the state of affairs in Italy before coronavirus put the country into lockdown]. 


We sure have saved the best for last!

Are you seriously looking for the best environment to start your blockchain-related business? Well then, Denmark is, hands-down, your go-to GEO. Not only is it one of the best countries to live in in the 21st century, but it’s also a global leader in all crypto and blockchain matters. 

There is a highly attractive 0% tax on cryptocurrencies throughout the country, and there is no official regulatory framework for crypto – so you can practically buy, sell, and invest in crypto without any restrictions or ‘catches.’

This regulatory vacuum also makes Denmark a wonderful place for crypto-businesses to thrive in. 

But that’s not all!

Like other eco-friendly Nordic nations, Denmark’s dream is to become a cashless country, and the government pushes towards innovative payment methods year after year. We won’t be surprised if Denmark will soon become the first nation that uses crypto as its main currency.

Now Choose the Audience GEO for Your Next Crypto Campaign

There you have it: The 5 leading countries to promote cryptocurrency investments in.

The population of these GEOs is ‘crypto-educated,’ the regulation is flexible, and your revenue potential is HUGE. We know because we saw it first-hand with our ROI Kings partners.

Now it’s your turn to plan your next crypto campaign.

It is super important that you adapt your messaging per GEO and research which coin is popular in each region.

Our ROI specialists are here to help you with any questions you may have regarding promoting crypto trading to Australia, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Denmark.

Contact us today, and let’s get your crypto traffic into a powerful income!

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